CGEU Support for Demilitarizing and Disarming Campus Police Forces

CGEU Support for Demilitarizing and Disarming Campus Police Forces

Passed at CGEU 2015 in Amherst, MA – August 08, 2015

WHEREAS, University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, in cold blood, murdered Samuel Dubose, an unarmed Black man during a traffic stop, and the people of Cincinnati have taken to the streets to demand justice,

WHEREAS, the University of Cincinnati’s police force is emblematic of violent, racist, unaccountable campus police forces across the country which not only carry out crimes like the murder of Samuel Dubose, but also participate in the displacement of residents of university neighborhoods, residential racial segregation, the profiling of students of color, and the repression of student protest and labor organizing,

WHEREAS, campus police forces have inadequate accountability to the community where such accountability exists at all, and report only to university administrations,

WHEREAS, campus police forces often collude with municipal and county police forces in their racist policing tactics,

WHEREAS, campus police forces structurally impede the education and livelihood of people of color on college campuses, a clear contradiction of their supposed purpose of serving and protecting the campus community,

WHEREAS, funding and resources are being stripped away from student learning across higher education even as campus police forces acquire more weapons, equipment, and personnel,

WHEREAS, CGEU is committed to social justice and to campus environments where people of color are not under constant threat of violence and harassment, and is committed to supporting the Black liberation struggle,

WHEREAS, university police forces protect administrations rather than support students and workers, and weapons do not contribute to a collaborative, safe campus environment,

WHEREAS, unarmed public safety without arrest power could provide conflict de-escalation and resolution, restorative justice programs, safety escorts, and victim services and data, without also creating the oppressive and repressive apparatus of armed police forces,

BE IT RESOLVED, that, as an expression of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, as a matter of workplace safety, and as a statement of solidarity with the communities that are too often under attacks of many forms from our institutions of higher education, the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions calls on all campus administrations to:

  1. Disarm campus police forces,
  2. Reduce campus police department budgets and allot those funds for academics, and recruitment and retention of Black students,
  3. Remove campus police from operations off of university property, including all public streets.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all delegated representatives at the conference of the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions commit themselves to return home to their unions and mobilize these organizations in support of this call.