CGEU 2019 is coming to Toronto!

CGEU 2019: Building Solidarity Across Movements comes at a time of growing resistance to austerity measures across North America. Student and labour movements are confronting major cuts to post-secondary education, public services, as well as a number of important social welfare programs. Now more than ever we are seeing an increase in social movement work and collaborative projects from student, labour and grassroots organizers as people from all walks of life mobilize to resist austerity measures.

This year CGEU looks at the intersections of our movements.  How can students, workers and community activists unite the fight and organize across movements? How might our unique histories of organizing inform other movements and help us unite struggles for political, economic and social justice?

Part conference, part skills share, CGEU 2019: Building Solidarity Across Movements aims to inspire our movement-building work on and between campuses. We look to connect campus-based struggles to community-based resistance work, and highlight the importance of international coalition building and solidarity work. In this spirit, we aim to feature undergraduate student resistance work as well as community organizing alongside conversations about graduate worker organizing.

Students and academic workers from CUPE Local 3902 and the Flying Squad at the University of Toronto, CUPE Local 3903 at York University, and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) are proud to jointly host the CGEU 2019 conference in Toronto! We will take advantage of our close proximity to incredible local organizing efforts, communities with rich histories of struggle, and the density of institutions of higher education to feature inspiring panels, skills-building workshops, and hold space for socializing with comrades at night.

You do not need to submit a proposal to register for the conference.

Visit the CGEU 2019 website for more information.