Conference Resolutions

CGEU 2015

CGEU Conference Support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement

CGEU Support for Demilitarizing and Disarming Campus Police Forces

C/CGEU 2011

CGEU Constitution Resolution: Be it resolved that the CGEU re-form a committee to draft a constitution for the organization. This Committee will begin the process with the draft constitution and other materials created by the previous Constitution Committee, which are archived on the CGEU wiki. The Committee will complete a Draft of the Constitution and Ratification Process by February 1, 2012 and post it on the CGEU wiki for comment. The Committee will encourage comments by publicizing the Draft Constitution and Ratification Process through the CGEU listserve and facebook page. The comment period will last until May 1, 2012. The Committee will then develop a revised Draft of the Constitution and Ratification Process, which will be presented to the 2012 CGEU Annual Conference. The 2012 CGEU Conference will vote at its Closing Plenary to adopt or refuse the Constitution and Ratification Process.

C/CGEU 2010

Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act (TRACBRA): C/CGEU endorses the Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act.

October 7: C/CGEU endorses efforts to improve the quality of public education and make it accessible and affordable for all. C/CGEU encourages participation in the October 7 International Day of Action.

Labor rights for employees of off-shore branches of North American universities: C/CGEU affiliates should push for complete human and labor rights protections for all workers involved in the construction and continued servicing at any off-shore branches of North American universities as well those who teach, research or perform other academic work at those sites. C/CGEU affiliates should also insist on the establishment of sufficient tenure lines and oppose the casualization of all academic workers on those off-shore sites.

For-profit post secondary education: While C/CGEU supports the full labor rights of workers in for-profit post-secondary education, C/CGEU opposes for-profit post secondary education.

Ontario public sector wage freeze: That C/CGEU opposes the implementation of a public sector wage freeze by the Ontario government and supports other actions taken by the university sector in opposition to this attack on the fundamental right to collective bargaining.

C/CGEU 2009

Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act (TRACBRA): C/CGEU endorses the Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act.

CGEU website and wiki: C/CGEU resolves to retire the old CGEU website and replace it with the CGEU wiki as the homepage of the CGEU.

Passed July 26, 2009

CGEU 2006

Logo Development: CGEU encourages all allied locals to help develop the CGEU logo and use it on their printed materials and websites.

Solidarity with GSOC: CGEU encourages all locals to aid all other locals in the upcoming year with priority given to helping GSOC win at NYU. All locals are encouraged to send activists, staff, and resources to help with this important and urgent fight. All locals are encouraged to designate a liaison to GSOC.

Constitution Committee: Whereas, in the face of intransigent state governments in the Midwest, university administrators at NYU, Yale, and other schools in the East, and a recent NLRB decision that denies our very right to organize collectively, it has become necessary for multiple locals to engage in unified actions to achieve our aims,

Whereas, the success of any one local depends on the success of us all, and a threat against one constitutes a threat against all,

Whereas, each of our locals is committed to democratic decision-making in the planning and execution of collective actions,

Be it resolved that a committee be formed to draft a CGEU Constitution, which will lay out the ideals and purposes of the coalition, and describe the process by which collective decisions are to be made. The draft constitution will be reviewed, amended, and submitted to a vote at the annual meeting in 2007, and ratified in the coming months upon endorsement of two thirds of the member organizations.

The CGEU constitution shall in no way violate the individual constitutions of any local, including the process by which each local decides to engage, or not to engage, in any action.

Passed August 13, 2006

CGEU 2004


WHEREAS, 260,000 teaching and research assistants are currently identified by the US Department of Education as part of the higher education instructional workforce; and

WHEREAS, in 2000 the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) held that graduate employees at New York University (NYU) are employees entitled to organize for collective bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act (Act), prompting collective bargaining campaigns in a number of private universities; and

WHEREAS, on July 13, 2004, the NLRB by a 3-2 vote along partisan lines, overruled the NYU decision in the case of Brown University, ruling that graduate teaching and research assistants are not employees eligible to unionize under the act; and

WHEREAS, in the words of the dissenting members of the Board, this decision is “woefully out of touch with contemporary academic reality…seeing the academic world as somehow removed from the economic realm that labor law addresses -as if there was no room in the ivory tower for a sweatshop”:

RESOLVED, that the CGEU pursue all possible avenues to reverse the decision and to extend the benefits of unionization to graduate employees at private institutions.

RESOLVED, that CGEU continue its efforts to organize graduate employees at public and private universities.

Passed July 25, 2004

Pdf of CGEU 2004 resolution