How to organize a Conference

Summer before conference

  • Discuss with your leadership the possibility of making a bid for the following year’s conference.
  • Make bid at closing plenary of conference to host conference the following summer.

Six months before conference

  • Start working on a date and a theme.
  • Continue tradition of jointly hosting CGEU and CCGEU conferences together by reaching out to U.S. and Canadian locals at the earliest stages of planning.
  • Check with COCAL so as to not overlap.
  • Start gathering together a group of core organizers into a conference planning committee.
    • The ideal committee will include a core of organizers from the hosting local(s) and people from other locals who have hosted in the past.
    • The ideal committee will also include representatives from the U.S. and Canada.
  • Gather conference packets and database files from previous C/CGEU conferences.

Five months before conference

  • Decide on the date and the theme.
  • Write a paragraph that explains the goals of this year’s conference.
  • Send an email to the CGEU listserv announcing the date and theme.
  • Post the date and theme on the CGEU wiki, CGEU facebook page, etc.
  • Create an outline for the program.
  • Begin working on a budget.

Four months before conference

  • Finalize budget.
  • Create a registration form.
  • Create a sheet of visitor’s information.
  • Create an invitation letter.
  • Create posters to advertise the conference.
  • Post these materials on the CGEU wiki.
  • Begin asking people to serve as working group leaders, speakers, and workshop leaders.

Three months before conference

  • Mail out printed invitations to all locals.
  • Possibly mail (or e-mail) invitations to individuals that attended the conference in recent years.
  • Send out email invitation to CGEU listserv.
  • Finish lining up people for the program.
  • Create database to keep track of registrations.
  • Set goal of how many of your own members you want to attend the conference.

Two months before conference

  • Begin contacting all locals via phone to see how many people they are sending and if they need any additional material.
  • Send out an update email to the CGEU listserv.
  • Begin reserving rooms for meetings and meals.
  • Begin making detailed plans for meals.
  • Begin asking your members if they can host delegates.
  • Assign a housing coordinator to match delegates with homestays.
  • Begin organizing your members to attend the conference.
  • Begin asking local unions for proposals for a labor action (i.e. march, rally).

One month before conference

  • Call every local to find out if they have everything they need and how many people they are sending.
  • Send out an update email to the CGEU listserv.
  • Invite delegates to submit proposed resolutions to the CGEU listserv so that they can be included in the registration packet.
  • Finish up reserving rooms for meetings and meals.
  • Finish up making plans for meals.
  • Design program and registration packet.
  • Keep asking your members to host delegates.
  • Keep organizing your members to attend the conference.
  • Choose the labor action for the conference.

One week before conference

  • Send out last email update to CGEU listserv.
  • Print program and put together registration packets.
  • Print name tags from database.
  • Match delegates with homestays before they arrive (i.e. give them each other’s mobile phone numbers, etc.)

Have the conference!