2010 Annual Congress Resolutions

C/CGEU 2010

Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act (TRACBRA): C/CGEU endorses the Teaching and Research Assistants Collective Bargaining Rights Act.

October 7: C/CGEU endorses efforts to improve the quality of public education and make it accessible and affordable for all. C/CGEU encourages participation in the October 7 International Day of Action.

Labor rights for employees of off-shore branches of North American universities: C/CGEU affiliates should push for complete human and labor rights protections for all workers involved in the construction and continued servicing at any off-shore branches of North American universities as well those who teach, research or perform other academic work at those sites. C/CGEU affiliates should also insist on the establishment of sufficient tenure lines and oppose the casualization of all academic workers on those off-shore sites.

For-profit post secondary education: While C/CGEU supports the full labor rights of workers in for-profit post-secondary education, C/CGEU opposes for-profit post secondary education.

Ontario public sector wage freeze: That C/CGEU opposes the implementation of a public sector wage freeze by the Ontario government and supports other actions taken by the university sector in opposition to this attack on the fundamental right to collective bargaining.