2011 Annual Congress Resolutions

C/CGEU 2011

CGEU Constitution Resolution: Be it resolved that the CGEU re-form a committee to draft a constitution for the organization. This Committee will begin the process with the draft constitution and other materials created by the previous Constitution Committee, which are archived on the CGEU wiki. The Committee will complete a Draft of the Constitution and Ratification Process by February 1, 2012 and post it on the CGEU wiki for comment. The Committee will encourage comments by publicizing the Draft Constitution and Ratification Process through the CGEU listserve and facebook page. The comment period will last until May 1, 2012. The Committee will then develop a revised Draft of the Constitution and Ratification Process, which will be presented to the 2012 CGEU Annual Conference. The 2012 CGEU Conference will vote at its Closing Plenary to adopt or refuse the Constitution and Ratification Process.