Resolution to Establish Regional CGEU Meetings Between Annual Conferences

Adopted at the CGEU Annual Conference 2016 in Los Angeles, CA on August 16. 2016 (submitted by Anna Waltman (UMass Amherst) and Danielle Dirocco (Rhode Island) – adopted unanimously)

WHEREAS the development of a powerful graduate student-workers’ movement requires consistent, intentional rank-and-file networking, information sharing, and coalition-building across union affiliations throughout the academic year;

WHEREAS developing a strong network of experienced, well-informed, unionized graduate workers also helps to build the broader academic labor movement, as many of us will continue organizing academic workers and negotiating strong contracts as contingent faculty and postdoctoral researchers;

WHEREAS CGEU includes unions from across the United States and Canada, and varies its location annually;

WHEREAS the varying geographic location of annual CGEU meetings can preclude emergent or financially struggling unions’ consistent participation in the Coalition due to travel costs;

WHEREAS the establishment of regional CGEU meetings offers both emergent and established unions the opportunity for more consistent, less costly engagement with CGEU;

WHEREAS labor laws and the rights of unions vary widely from region to region or even state to state/province to province, necessitating region-specific tactics and strategies that cannot always be addressed effectively in the context of an international conference;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Coalition strongly encourages the establishment of regional meetings between annual conferences, both in the US and Canada, with the goals of including new and emergent unions in the CGEU and addressing region-specific concerns;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that regional meetings may also serve as a space to develop resolutions and panels for the international conference;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a working group shall be established immediately to organize and facilitate regional meetings.