Resolution to Establish the Graduate Workers’ Day

Adopted at the CGEU Annual Conference 2016 in Los Angeles, CA on August 16. 2016 (constitutional amendment – submitted by Shannon Ikebe (UC Berkeley) and Anna Waltman (UMass Amherst) – adopted unanimously)

WHEREAS, the CGEU has played a crucial role in uniting the grad unions across North America over the past 25 years, and

WHEREAS, a more coordinated set of actions across the CGEU member unions between the annual conference can further strengthen our movement and has the potential to help campaigns and struggles taking place in each union, and

WHEREAS, the cohesive and strong narrative of the grad labor movement as such at the national and international level is necessary to enhance our presence, visibility and power collectively, and

WHEREAS, the successes of coordinated actions across multiple gradlocals through the CGEU in recent years, such as #CGEUMayDay on May 1, 2014 and #WeAreWorkers on October 15, 2015 demonstrate the viability and desirability of larger and regular coordinated actions;

WHEREAS, strikes and other forms of direct action comprise the most effective means to win agreements that advance the interests of our members, and

WHEREAS, annual coordinated actions shall in no way infringe the member unions’ complete autonomy from the CGEU, as stipulated in the Article V, Section 7 of the CGEU Constitution, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the CGEU Constitution shall be amended as follows:

To add new article as:
Article VI. Graduate Workers’ Day

1. The CGEU establishes March 4th as the Graduate Workers’ Day, and the week leading up to March 4th the Graduate Worker Action Week.

2. The CGEU encourages all member unions to organize events and actions to promote the cause of the graduate union movement in North America on the Graduate Worker Action Week, and particularly on the Graduate Workers’ Day.

3. The CGEU Annual Meeting shall elect at least five volunteers to coordinate the actions of the Graduate Workers’ Day and the Action Week in the following year. The composition of volunteers should reflect geographic and affiliational diversity of the CGEU. The coordinating committee’s task shall be to encourage member unions to organize the actions, to facilitate their coordination, and to promote the actions to the media and the broader public.