Solidarity with Charlottesville Counter-protesters, Against Fascism

On Aug. 11 and 12th, 2017, American fascist groups held a marches in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a memorial to Confederate general Robert E. Lee. In preparation for the march, fascists engaged in a sustained campaign of violent threats and racist provocation against Black and Jewish elected officials in Charlottesville. The march was attended by every major fascist and Nazi organization in the USA. They were met by counter-protesters from the Charlottesville community and University of Virginia.

In the course of the Friday night march, fascists entered the University of Virginia campus, where they surrounded Thomas Jefferson Monument, kettling a group of counter-protesters. Without police protection, the counter-protesters stood their ground in a show of non-violent resistance.

There have also been reports that fascists attempted to march on St. Paul’s Memorial Church, where Congregation C’ville was holding an event with Reverend Cornel West. Counter-protesters slowed them down enough for attendees to leave safely.

Elsewhere along the march, fascists violently assaulted counter-protesters, as captured on film.

On Saturday, fascists rallied again. Again met by counter-protesters, a fascist murdered a comrade, Heather Heyer, and injured at least two others.

Fascism and white supremacism, as long as they exist, will always be the enemies of workers and students. They are the enemies of any notion of freedom, justice, or equality. Their movement willfully seeks to subordinate all workers, all students, all oppressed people, to the power of a fascist elite. They openly advocate extreme violence to achieve their ends. Though their rally on Aug. 11 was ostensibly to protect a monument to chattel slavery, their aims are much more ambitious: they are recruiting for a movement that aims to commit murder on a massive scale.

Our aims are ambitious too: liberation and equality for all. Fascism has no home in our schools. As we continue our work, we know that our numbers are greater; not only because our organizations are growing faster, but because the working classes and oppressed people will always be irreconcilable to fascism. Ours is a movement of the many, for the many; theirs is a movement of the few, for few.

Therefore, be it resolved:

We extend a message of solidarity to all who stood in opposition to fascists on Aug. 11 and 12th, 2017 in Charlottesville, and those who continue do so;

We extend a message of solidarity to the University of Virginia students and community members who stood their ground on their campus against the fascists, and who protected the guests at St. Paul’s;

We extend condolences to the families and friends of murdered comrade Heather Heyer. We will remember her sacrifice;

We extend wishes of speedy recovery to injured comrades;

We deplore the statement of University President Teresa A. Sullivan, which called for students not to protest the fascists, and encouraged them to stand down in the face of fascism. While defending the speech rights of fascists, President Sullivan characterized counter-protest as “satisfy[ing] their craving for spectacle” and “help[ing] their cause”; thus did the President attack the speech rights of non-fascists, and attempt to surrender the public square to fascism;

We endorse the Aug. 12th statement of the Campus Antifascist Network;

We uphold the right of workers and students to exclude from their homes and workplaces those who advocate and recruit for violence against them;

We call for the labor movement to continue to organize against fascism, as they did at the June 4 Portland United Against Hate rally, where anti-fascists outnumbered fascists 3-to-1;

We call for union members to attend and organize solidarity rallies, and identify themselves as union members:

We call on unionists, union locals, students, and anti-fascists, to contribute to the legal and medical funds of the Charlottesville counter-protesters:

We call on comrades to assist the Heyer family in the wake of the tragic loss of their daughter, Heather:

¡Los Fascistas no pasarán! ¡Heather Heyer, presente!