Cops out of our Union

WHEREAS admittance of State Security Forces to union halls is a direct threat to the health and safety of many and potentially all CGEU members;

WHEREAS unionization of State Security Forces is at odds with CGEU’s stated position in support of working-class Black, Latino, and indigenous communities, BDS and Black Lives Matter movements;

WHEREAS State Security Forces have surveilled and repressed workers and other social justice movements including but not limited to current and previous members of CGEU. This includes the monitoring of indigenous and labour activists through the RCMP’s Operation SITKA, as well as the criminalization of activists during the Toronto G20 Summit and more recent J20 protests;

WHEREAS State Security Forces have been infiltrated by or are otherwise complicit with far-right organizations across so-called North America;

WHEREAS State Security Forces can be and have been routinely used to repress workers on strike;

BE IT RESOLVED CGEU rejects the inclusion of State Security Forces—both civilian and non-civilian—in the North American Labour Movement, including but not limited to local and federal police services, county/district prison guards, etc;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that member unions of CGEU begin to develop “Cops out of our Union” campaigns in their respective umbrella syndicates if and when these broader organizations include State Security Forces (such as police or surveillance associations) in their membership;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that member unions of CGEU support existing “Cops out of our Union” campaigns and further support local grassroots initiatives that focus on self-determination and social justice against police brutality. This includes, but is not limited to, BIPOC justice/indigenous sovereignty movements, prisoners justice, sex work recognition movements routinely targeted by police.