Free Public Transit

WHEREAS comrades of CUPE local 2 representing over 600 public transit workers in the City of Toronto have put forward a campaign for free public transit and mass strikes to take down the Conservative Provincial government of Ontario under Doug Ford;

WHEREAS the Ford government has implemented an immense and unrelenting austerity agenda which has made millions of dollars in cuts to education, health care, legal aid and other social services;

WHEREAS the Ford government is attempting to inhibit bargaining rights for public sector workers under Bill 124, which caps wage and benefit collective agreements to 1%—acting as a unilateral wage cut for our sector and workers across the province;

WHEREAS the Ford government’s implementation of austerity cuts is a reflection of a wider neoliberal agenda set to further push back against workers rights, and is similarly being implemented under various governments throughout North America. This includes the governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, California, New York etc.

WHEREAS mass strikes across North America would serve as an example of how to respond to governments that deliver cuts to essential services and education

WHEREAS most graduate education workers depend on some form of public transit to go to and from their workplaces, taking necessary funds away from precarious and low wage earnings;

BE IT RESOLVED that CGEU endorse CUPE local 2’s campaign for free public transit and mass strikes to bring down the Doug Ford Ontario Provincial government, as well as publicize that statement across the province of Ontario

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that member unions of CGEU attempt to adopt and support similar initiatives in their respective locals, cities and territories with the support of their membership. These actions include, but are not limited to,  solidarity pickets, walk-outs, blockading workplace entry, protests, mass or General strikes, etc.,— to prevent work of any nature from being done on campus, save for essential functions of health services where applicable

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that member unions of CGEU within Ontario take immediate practical steps to establish networks across the campuses— including maintenance and clerical workers in other unions. This is so that everyone is prepared for action once the signal is given by the Ontario Strike Committee