Immigrant detention centers

Whereas Immigrant Detention Centers exist in Canada,  Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and can detain foreign nationals and permanent residents under certain conditions, including if they pose security risks or are unlikely to appear for immigration proceedings; and

Whereas a person might be hold in an airport or provincial jail, if a CBSA is not available at their location (Toronto, Laval, Vancouver); and 

Whereas this holding facilities have limited ammenites (eg: medical, legal council), and detainees in jail property are subject to same rules as immates; and

Whereas deportation is and a two-way agreement between states, and not so much contingent on the individual, but on mutual agreement between states; and 

Whereas the CBSA detention has gone up from 4,248, to 6,609 last year (2017-18). Plus 1,831 were held in jails last year, compared to 971 in 2016-17; and

Whereas the CBSA reported 3.8 per cent of detainees were held for more than 99 days, while 47.2 per cent were held for 24 hours or less. The rest were held somewhere between 25-48 hours and 40-99 days; and

Whereas the CBSA estimates it costs approximately $320 per day to detain someone; and

Whereas Immigrant Detention Centers in United States of America, were created for same purposes as the CBSA, but now how resulted in the creation of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) run by for profit companies that relly on incarceration of immigrants and racialized communities; 

Therefore be it resolved that CGEU will:


  • Write a letter condemning the rise of immigrant detention in Canada to be send it to Parliament (CC as fit) 
  • Write a letter condemning ICE and its mistreatment of immigrants in the US, to be send to the US congress (CC the Parliament and as seen fit) 


Be it further resolved that CGEU belonging unions commit to:


  • Promote organizations lobbing the federal government of Canada/US and all federal political parties in this manner. 
  • Pass similar motions in their locals asking their national bodies to immediately condemn the treatment of immigrants in immigration holding centers worldwise, specially in Canada and US.
  • Consider donations to organizations to organizations fighting against detention centers and providing legal support (eg: local NGO’s,  and legal aid)
  • Organize educational events on how this issues, immigrant rights, and racism affects the membership, and why should people care.