Migrant Justice

Whereas an injury to one is an injury to all; and

Whereas employers are using different immigration categories to pit workers against each other and we refuse to be divided; and

Whereas migrants and refugees do not steal jobs, drive down wages or devalue work. Rather it is provincial and federal policies and laws that give power to employers to exploit migrants and refugees; and

Whereas respect for human and labour rights, permanent resident status and full access to services for migrant will ensure increased rights for all workers; and

Whereas women and racialized people’s work is systematically being devalued, and it’s primarily those migrant workers who are denied the most rights; and

Whereas migrant women and racialized workers are those most likely to be at risk of abuse, harassment and exploitation at the hands of employers and have their rights denied and work devalued; and

Whereas anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and other racist nationalist groups are organizing in our communities and spreading hatred and fear against racialized people and migrant workers; and

Whereas many people have been forced to migrate in order to escape poverty, climate change, war, persecution and economic exploitation. 

Therefore be it resolved that CGEU calls for the following changes:


  • Grant all migrants (international students, refugees, temporary foreign workers, undocumented) permanent residency status and grant permanent residency on arrival to those that come in the future and end detentions and deportations;
  • Ensure migrants, and all workers, have full access to social entitlements (EI, CPP, healthcare, settlement services, etc); and ensure genuine enforcement of labour standards and basic human rights;
  • Ensure decent work, fair wages, all labour protections including open and non time-limited work permits for all workers, including migrants and refugees;
  • End discrimination against and criminalization of migrants, refugees and racialized people (particularly anti-Black racisms and Islamophobia), and ensure gender justice and Indigenous self-determination; and
  • Actively stop Canada and United States involvement in climate change, war, economic exploitation, mining injustice and social oppressions abroad that force people to migrate.


Be it further resolved that CGEU  belonging unions/delegates commits to:


  • Organize educational events on anti-racism, immigrant rights and migrant solidarity for its members by assigning members to be trained as trainers by Migrant Rights Network;
  • Develop or distributing anti-racist and solidarity materials to members;
  • Participate in or organize anti-racist and migrant justice activities on March 21, May 1 and June 16;
  • Contacting local Labour Council and requesting that #UniteAgainstRacism, anti-racist solidarity, immigrant rights and migrant justice be key themes for Labour Day 2019 (September 2) activities;
  • Build relations with and politically and financially support migrant led campaigns coordinated through the Migrant Rights Network and [local migrant rights organization]