Proposal for Sister Unions within CGEU

WHEREAS some unions in CGEU get frequent requests from emergent unions to support them, while other unions who would be excited to mentor/ support/ have relationships with emergent unions do not

WHEREAS having year-round connection makes us a stronger movement

WHEREAS having more student worker unions across the US and Canada strengthens us all

BE IT RESOLVED that the CGEU [or its current name] establishes a sister union program. The sister union program will be opt-in and only interested coalition members will participate. 

To facilitate the sister union program, the staff member [if resolved, if not they will have to be more independent but in communication with the conference planning committee] will work with a coordinating volunteer. The Coordinating Volunteer [CV] (can be a person or committee) will serve in one-year terms from each convention to the next to help connect unions that request sister unions with unions that have volunteered to be sister unions. 

To be a sister union, two unions will agree to be in touch for a year. They will have regular contact, with assigned point people who speak on a monthly basis (or the frequency of contacts the two unions negotiate). A union that requests sisterunionhood can contact the CV, who will regularly maintain an email. This email address will be posted to the CGEU website alongside a description of the program and list of current participating unions. The CV will ask a union that has already volunteered to be a sister union to be sister unions with the requesting union/group, and with consent from both parties, will put the two unions in touch. 

If one union is dissatisfied (i.e. unresponsiveness) with their sister union relationship, they can contact the CV and request different sister union. In addition, the CV will periodically check in with all participating unions to ask what they need and want from their ongoing relationships.  The CV will enforce the guidelines they develop (see below).

BE IT RESOLVED That by Oct.1 [2019] unions that would like to be sister unions, choose individuals or committee within their local to be points of contact for the sister program and email these points of contact to the CV.

BE IT RESOLVED that the sister union relationship is reciprocal. Sister unions can be used to mentor emergent unions but can also exist for existent unions. Unions in a sister union relationship will recognize the value that both unions bring to the relationship and will be willing to learn and support each other in the ways that the respective parties find fit. 

BE IT RESOLVED that the CV will establish guidelines for a sister union relationship that elaborate the baseline terms of respect and solidarity the unions can show each other. These guidelines can also provide suggestions about placement for future CVs (i.e. placing sister unions as close geographically as possible, connecting similar types of unions etc).