Resolution on Parent Participation in CGEU/CSEE

WHEREAS, CGEU/CSEE is committed to building a labor movement that is inclusive where all people–kids & adults alike– are seen, embraced and accommodated in all their differences & similarities.

WHEREAS, we believe that the most effective movements will be those that centralize the analysis and leadership of people most impacted by multiple forms of oppression–in the US and Canada, particularly poor women, native women, immigrant women, women of color, queer and trans people of color, sick and disabled people of color and international students. 

WHEREAS, childcare is as a response to one of many needs people have in order to participate in movement spaces. We view childcare in relation to other important access needs— translation, food, transportation, wheelchair access, scent-free space, and more—that help open union and movement spaces to more people.  

WHEREAS, We believe that childcare is a crucial tenant of reproductive justice and should be accessible to all.

WHEREAS, We believe that student-workers have the right to have kids and to have the support and resources they need to support and raise them.

WHEREAS, Our children’s lives are profoundly shaped by our working conditions and compensation.

WHEREAS, We believe no one should have to choose between having children and being involved in our coalition, our unions, and our movements. 

WHEREAS, We believe that when we build with and support families, our coalition, our unions and our movements are stronger.

WHEREAS, We believe that our work is deep and continual. We believe that we will need to sustain this movement over multiple generations.

WHEREAS, We believe that kids’ thoughts and opinions are important and that their participation benefits us all.

WHEREAS, We believe in making kids visible within our movements, and creating spaces within our movements that welcome and center children. 

WHEREAS, We believe young people have the capacity to understand and challenge multiple forms of oppression and that childcare should nurture and guide that process.

BE IT RESOLVED, that there shall be childcare at all CGEU/CSEE activities.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this childcare shall be aligned with our above stated values and be affirming, inclusive, political, visible and a central part of our movements.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that, whenever appropriate, our children be included in collective action and that we plan actions around the ideas and needs of parents and children.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that CGEU/CSEE calls on all member unions to do the same.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that CGEU/CSEE calls upon all member unions to center the voices and needs of parents and children when developing campaigns and priorities for collective bargaining.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all delegated representatives at the 2019 conference of the CGEU/CSEE commit themselves to return home to their local unions, central labor councils, statewide bodies, parent unions and mobilize these and other affiliated organizations in support of these values and practices. 

*some points adapted from the pioneer valley childcare collective