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Creating new articles

To create a new article for the CGEU wiki, all you need to do is either click on a red link (which shows that a need for an article has been identified, but that the article hasn't been created), or put the name of the article you want to create in the address bar after the /wiki/index.php/ part.

As an example, let us say that you want to create an article titled "Winning Union Rights". In your browser's address bar, you would need to type in or change the current address to this:

So basically you just type in the title of your new article at the end of the base URL. Once you have done this and have pressed enter to go to the URL, the Wiki software will let you know that you are editing an article and present you with a text box to start creating the article. When you are finished, you should click the "Show preview" button near the bottom of the window to see how the article will look. Once you are satisfied with the article, click "Save page".


Most of the time you can simply type in the text you want to appear in the article. Putting a paragraph break will give you a paragraph break on the article page. But when you need to use additional formatting, you should read through the following website for more information on how to use MediaWiki: