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The working group on national contract standards at the 15th annual CGEU conference developed the following suggested standards for all graduate employee unions to work toward in their contract negotiations.

The intention behind developing national contract standards or principles is to give our movement increased weight behind our demands at each individual bargaining table.

This list of principles or standards is a work in progress, so please engage in the discussion as we develop them collectively.

Principles/Standards (in no particular order of importance)

  • Academic Freedom
  • Healthcare -- affordable and complete
  • Family benefits
  • Nondiscrimination / Human Rights clauses
  • Leave (sick, family, bereavement, visa issues, etc.)
  • Grievance procedure and binding arbitration -- fair and complete
  • Workload guidelines -- clear and complete
  • No fees to teach -- no student fees or tuition bills
  • Fair share / representation fee
  • Union security
  • Living wage standard -- a formula to be developed by CGEU member unions
  • Voice in work/academic decision-making
  • Job protection
  • No regression -- already won rights and benefits should not be sacrificed in negotiations