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Language Synopsis

  • $55800 put into a fund annually by the Employer (any surplus accumulates)
  • TSSU members decide the criteria (see current criteria at
  • Employer collects the applications sends a spreadsheet
  • TSSU makes the decision and sends back a spreadsheet
  • Employer makes payments as bursary or fund depending on student or non student status.

Actual Language

Article XXVIII: TSSU Member Child Care Fund

1. The University will maintain a TSSU Member Child Care Fund for eligible employees subject to the following limitations and conditions:

a. The University will allocate $50,000 ($55,150 May 1 2016, $55,800 May 1, 2017 and thereafter); each academic year to be distributed to eligible employees for the purposes of offsetting the costs of child care. Funds not distributed shall be carried forward into the next academic year.

b. TSSU shall have the sole discretion to establish eligibility requirements for this funding, as well as the total amount available in the fund for disbursement in that particular semester.

c. Applications for the TSSU Member Child Care Fund will be made on a dedicated TSSU Child Care Fund Application form accessible on the Financial Aid and Awards website. The form for applications will be provided by TSSU to Financial Aid and Awards in the semester prior to the semester in which it is to be utilized. Completed applications must be received by Financial Aid and Awards by no later than the end of Week 3 of the semester in which the applicant is applying to the TSSU Member Child Care Fund. Applications submitted after week 3 of the semester shall be submitted to TSSU for its consideration in the semester immediately thereafter.

d. Disbursement of funds will be provided in the form of bursaries for members currently registered as students and grants for members who are not students. The decision to award a TSSU child care bursary will not impact a student’s regular SFU bursary eligibility and/or award amount.

e. TSSU will have the sole discretion to determine the amount to be provided to each eligible applicant for every semester, subject to the total amount available in the fund for disbursement. For greater clarity, awards from the TSSU Member Child Care Fund shall not exceed the total amount available in the Fund. Such disbursements shall occur as follows:

(i) having verified the information provided by applicants, the University will provide TSSU with a spreadsheet setting out the information from the form, by no later than the fourth week of the semester;

(ii) within two (2) weeks of receipt of this spreadsheet, TSSU will advise the University which applicants are to receive monies from the fund and the amount to be disbursed;

(iii) within two (2) weeks of receipt of the advice in (ii) above, the University will issue the disbursements outlined therein;

(iv) in the event an applicant has a dispute regarding the disbursed amount, said dispute will be resolved by the TSSU.

f. Upon notification, successful applicants will have the amount from the child care fund awarded for the semester either credited to their student account when issued as a bursary, or paid by cheque or direct deposit when issued as a grant.

g. Financial Aid and Awards will provide a written statement of expenditures related to the TSSU Member Child Care Fund each semester to the Director of Labour and Employee Relations, with a copy to the Union.