University of Michigan Graduate Employees Organization tuition/fee waivers

From Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions

Article XX: Tuition Waiver

Employees with .237 or greater total employment fraction will pay no tuition.

Employees with a total employment fraction of:

.087 will pay an amount equivalent to 59%

.137 will pay an amount equivalent to 49%

.187 will pay an amount equivalent to 39%

of assessed tuition. Departments or units may, at their discretion, require Employees to pay amounts equivalent to a lower percentage of assessed tuition.

Employees will pay no fees other than Michigan Student Assembly, school and college government, course fees and lab fees, and Registration fee; the amount of the registration fee assessed to the Employee shall be no more than eighty dollars ($80.00).

An Employee who is employed, regardless of employment fraction, for less than the term for which the Employee is enrolled, is not eligible for a tuition waiver.