University of Rhode Island -- Graduate Assistants United nondiscrimination

From Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions


3.1 The Board and the GAU agree not to discriminate in any way against employees covered by this Agreement on account of race, sex, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, age, color, creed, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws; nor will there be discrimination in respect to hiring and retention or any condition of employment because of membership in or activities on behalf of the GAU.

3.2 The GAU shall not discriminate against, interfere with, restrain, nor coerce an employee from exercising the right not to join the GAU and shall not discriminate against any graduate assistant in the administration of this Agreement because of non-membership in the GAU.

3.3 The GAU accepts its responsibility as exclusive representative and agrees to represent all graduate assistants without discrimination.

3.4 The Administration and the GAU shall adhere to federal and state laws and regulations as they apply to affirmative action.