University of Rhode Island -- Graduate Assistants United workload

From Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions


The average weekly workload for all full-time graduate assistants shall be twenty (20) hours. It is understood that graduate assistants are engaged in professional activities of such a nature that the output produced, or the results accomplished, cannot be precisely standardized or measured in relation to a given period of time and that the time necessary to accomplish an assignment may vary.

Examples of work activities included in the workload of graduate teaching assistants are course and/or lab hours taught, reasonable time for course and/or lab preparation time, reasonable time for grading, and office hours.

Examples of activities included in the workload of graduate research assistants include research, grant administration, field studies, oceanographic research cruises, if applicable, and laboratory experiments.

Examples of activities included in the workload of those graduate assistants assigned to administrative support are residential life activities, if applicable, meeting with students, meeting with co-workers, assistance in the day to day administration of the program or department where assigned.

Graduate assistants may work more than the twenty (20) hours per week consistent with the March 11, 2003 memo to the Faculty Senate Executive from Provost Swan.

The Administration and the GAU agree to meet each semester to discuss complaints from graduate assistants on excessive workload.