University of South Florida -- Graduate Assistants United leave

From Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions

Article 10: Leaves of Absence and Other Leave

Contract 2008-2011

10.1 Each employee shall be credited with five (5) days of paid leave per semester appointment. Such paid leave shall be used in increments of not less than one (1) day. For example, an employee scheduled to work six (6) hours on Monday and three (3) hours on Tuesday, who is unable to perform assigned duties on these days for any of the reasons described below, would be charged with two (2) days of leave, regardless of FTE appointment, or number of work hours scheduled. The leave provided under this article shall not be cumulative.

10.2 An employee may use leave described in 10.1 above when:

A. Disabled or otherwise unable to perform because of injury, illness, jury duty, required U.S. military service, or when unable to so perform because the employee's presence is required elsewhere because of injury, illness, or death in the immediate family. Immediate family shall consist of mother, father, spouse, sister, brother, child, a person in a legal dependent relationship with the employee, or other relative living in the employee's household. The employee shall notify the supervisor of the inability to serve as soon as possible.
B. Taking examinations for professional licensing related to the degree or qualifying examinations as required by the University.
C. Traveling to conferences or other events for professional development.

10.3 An employee shall not be required to use leave when the University is officially closed, unless the special conditions of the appointment require the employee to perform duties at these times.