University of South Florida -- Graduate Assistants United workload

From Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions

Article 6: Workload

6.1 Assignment of Responsibilities. The parties understand that, while hourly rate may be used in statistical calculations or to report the fulfillment of duties to governing agencies, graduate assistants who are employed as research, teaching or instructional assistants (Class codes 9181, 9182, 9183, 9184, 9550) are salaried employees. Graduate assistants employed in Class code 9185 are appointed as non-exempt hourly employees and will need to complete a time sheet. Time clocks shall not be used to record work hours.

A. No employee shall be assigned employment responsibilities during a semester that exceed an average of ten (10) hours per week for one-fourth time; thirteen and one third (13.3) hours per week for one-third time; twenty (20) hours per week for a one half time appointment; or thirty (30) hours per week for a three-quarter time appointment. The same proportional relationship applies to all other FTE's.
B. For the purposes of determining whether an assignment can be accomplished within the time limitations described herein, research and other activities that lead directly to an employee's thesis, dissertation, or other degree requirements need not be counted as part of the assigned workload.

6.2 Request for Clarification of FTE Calculation. Upon request by an employee, a department shall provide a description of its expectations for FTE.

6.3 Grievability. In the event an employee has reason to believe that the assignment exceeds the guidelines described in Article 6.1(A), the employee may file a grievance pursuant to the procedures in Article 11.